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Best start date for TEFL and salary after TEFL

Best start date for TEFL and salary after TEFL

Spanish classes and TEFL in Buenos Aires

Spanish classes and TEFL in Buenos Aires, Argentina

TEFL in Buenos Aires and visas

TEFL in Buenos Aires and visas

TEFL in Argentina. Get paid to teach English in Argentina

Become a TEFL teacher abroad in Argentina and travel the world by immersing yourself into a new culture! Our Buenos Aires TEFL course offers you the perfect blend of teaching and tourism, methodology language course and Spanish learning, career, as well as culture. By studying a TEFL course in Buenos Aires, you get a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel abroad and become a teacher anywhere you desire to go or work. Therefore, you get to immerse yourself into this rich community which is bound to be drastically different from where you come from. Sign up!

Buenos Aires TEFL Course

Íbero TEFL is the number one TEFL Training Certification Program in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in all of Latin America. With 17 years of experience in the language school market in Buenos Aires, we have already successfully placed 3,500 TEFL trainees in ESL Jobs in Buenos Aires and worldwide. Sign up!

Be eligible for over 3,000 English Teaching jobs worldwide!

Exciting English Teaching Jobs Worldwide and job offers in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, all of Latin America, South Korea, Mexico and online!

All our TEFL graduates have the guaranteed job placement as the most integral part of the course. You have to be a hard worker and have all your energy focused on teaching English classes and we can therefore get you either a part-time job or a full time job, whatever you prefer.

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We are the most accredited TEFL Course provider

Ibero School is an Institutional Member of The College of Teachers. This means it is an organisation with an educational interest which has agreed to follow The College’s Code of Professional Practice.

Buenos Aires TEFL Course

Cost of living in Buenos Aires

Cost of Living in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cost of living in Buenos Aires is 40.33% lower than in New York. As of 2016, it is estimated that just under 2.9 million people...
ESL jobs worldwide TEFL

ESL jobs worldwide (TEFL & ESL Teacher Jobs)

ESL jobs worldwide (TEFL & ESL Teacher Jobs) ESL jobs worldwide: International jobs to teach English are available in almost every country of the world. If...

Teach English in Argentina , Get Paid to Teach English Worldwide

Teach English Worldwide, Get Paid to Teach English Teach English in Argentina , Get Paid to Teach English Worldwide: The Íbero TEFL Certification Course in...

TEFL Jobs for our TEFL graduates

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TEFL Graduate Testimonials

TEFL Teachers

With our 4 week TEFL course in Buenos Aires, you can become a TEFL Teacher in only 4 weeks. Our course is already intensive but it provides the necessary tools to succeed in the language school industry. Sign up!

Buenos Aires TEFL


Buenos Aires, Argentina– June 23rd, 2017 – Íbero School today announced that the school has received the 2017 TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence. Now in...

Best start date for TEFL and salary after TEFL

Best start date for TEFL and salary after TEFL When is it best to start with my TEFL course in Buenos Aires? When is it...

Spanish classes and TEFL in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Spanish classes and TEFL in Buenos Aires, Argentina Spanish classes and TEFL in Buenos Aires Hi,Thank you for getting back to me so promptly! I'm interested...
TEFL in Buenos Aires and visas

TEFL in Buenos Aires and visas

Teaching English to Children in Buenos Aires

TEFL with children and Teaching English to Children in Buenos Aires


TEFL in Buenos Aires

Íbero TEFL is a professional organization offering in-house TEFL courses in Buenos Aires. Anyone with a native or near-native level of English can take our TEFL course in Buenos Aires even on a tourist visa at first. Let the most highly accredited TEFL course in Buenos Aires prepare you for your new life as an English language teacher in Argentina, Latin America or abroadSign up!


Upon completion of your 4 week TEFL course in Buenos Aires we will connect you with language schools and companies from Buenos Aires or abroad. This will lead in a full time position soon after you graduate if you would like. You can also work as a part-time English Teacher in Argentina. Sign up!

Reviewed on June 2nd, 2017

Alexander-Howell,-UK.Great course, very informative, quite intensive and it will help me immensely as a Teacher. My instructor Carolina was superb and engaging throughout. She utilized all materials efficiently and classes felt logical and great. The book was very in-depth and is an excellent component. With each practice session, I learned so much more than the last. This is especially true during the second lesson with the same student as hopefully, rapport has been established. The accommodation was superb. The apartment is beautiful and in a nice location. Thank you fo making it an easy transition! Leaving one´s home thousands of miles away to do something that one has never done before is a scary thought but has been managed smoothly. I´m settled here! Alexander Howell, UK. 

TEFL Course in Buenos Aires

This is the right step for your career move or a new professional objective. An international TEFL certification from our TEFL school in Argentina can be your ticket to an exciting and rewarding overseas experience by providing you with the ability to work as an English Teacher in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Latin America, China, Europe and thousands of English or language schools, businesses, and language academies around the world.  Get ready and prepare yourself with our Íbero TEFL course in Buenos Aires!

By becoming a TEFL Teacher in Argentina, you’ll be helping thousands of non-native English speakers learn or improve their English language skills, therefore making an impact in their lives. A TEFL abroad course has responsibilities that can make or break a student’s life, but the joy of the profession arises when a TEFL trainee completes our Buenos Aires TEFL course, lands an ESL job and gives a thank you note for all the help our team has extended. Sign up!


I finished my TEFL course at Íbero TEFL Buenos Aires on February 24th, 2017 and Íbero TEFL is already connecting me with employers. From the first moment to the last, it’s been great. The accommodation was very centrally located in a posh area of town – big apartment, big room, nice roommates. I hadn’t asked for immersion, and the man who “runs” the flat happened to speak flawless English, a nice bonus.Joseph Lustig, USA  Read More!
I learned Íbero TEFL by a friend who recommended me classes. I took the course in March, 2016. I learned a lot during the month and reviewed the content quickly enough to learn about all the issues yet not bored and not feeling bombarded with work. The scope of the classroom was very friendly and I felt very comfortable asking questions and could understand the subject well. Camille Hanley, USA

Roxana-Homapour 2017I researched companies that offer TEFL Training and found Íbero. Very helpful staff. I lke the colorful walls. I am glad that I chose to train on location because it is more inspiring and interesting to be in the classroom and internet with everyone. I have definitely learnt a lot. . Roxana Homapour, UK. Read More!

TESOL TEFL Testimonials - from Peierh Aui New Zealand

Naomi-Grewan-South-AfricaI found about the website online. Everything was good. The building is well located, the staff are extremely friendly and willing to help. The schedule is busy but manageable. The TEFL class was an enlightening experience, I really enjoyed it and yes it will help me as a teacher in the future.  Naomi , S. Africa, Read More!

TEFL TESOL Video testimonials - Kevin Sharp, USA

Torey-Jayne-Foss-South-AfricaI think the TEFL course was brilliant. I was amazed by how good it was and will without a doubt help me as a teacher. I found all the materials used in class very helpful and our TEFL Trainer, Carolina utilized them in a very effective way. Carolina was wonderful. Torey Jayne Foss, South Africa. Read More!

TEFL TESOL Video Testimonial - Isabella Shlager USA

Buenos Aires TEFL course: TESOL certification training with a highly qualified team in Argentina

Our Buenos Aires TEFL TESOL certification course prepares you to teach English as a foreign language anywhere in the world and gives you the skills to be a successful English teacher. You will learn from our highly qualified professors in a professional and friendly environment here at our Buenos Aires school.  We are accredited by USA Fort Hays University and our course is internationally accepted as an initial TESOL or TEFL certification for English language teachers. Sign up!

What does our TEFL course in Argentina include?

There is no registration fee and you will have all study materials included in the price of your course (4 weeks, 120 hour training) as well as free job placement after the course, which is included only for our TEFL graduates. Through our course, you will find the necessary teaching skills to equip yourself for the ESOL marketplace and you will also have the opportunity to work right after in Argentina, Spain, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, China, Europe, UK or abroad. Sign up!

Buenos Aires TEFL Tips


5 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE TEACHING ENGLISH IN BUENOS AIRES: They call Buenos Aires the Paris of South America. I don’t like this...

2017/2018 Special TEFL Course Price, SPECIAL OFFER (website price)

2017 Special TEFL Course Price, SPECIAL OFFER (website price)
1390 USD
No registration fee
Job Placement and Materials included
2018 Special TEFL Course Price, SPECIAL OFFER (website price)
1540 USD
No registration fee
Job Placement and Materials included

Why is it important to become TEFL certified?

As the global demand for English teachers increases, so does the demand for qualified, well-trained teachers. English is now the language of business and international communication, meaning that people from several parts of the world need English for business, travel, technology, communication, work the internet and to appreciate films, music , free time and culture. In some countries, demand is such that schools are prepared to employ native English speakers to teach without a qualification. However, in order to feel more confident in your ability to teach English effectively, increase your range of job prospects and find better employment with a reputable employer, it is wise to undertake professional TEFL TESOL training. Sign up!

About Íbero TEFL Buenos Aires

Íbero TEFL is a small professional organization, with two decades of TEFL TESOL industry experience based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, founded by academically distinguished Argentinian owners. With international agreements with US and UK universities, private organisms and agencies, Íbero TEFL provides continuous support to TEFL trainees, who have free lifetime access to the Jobs Centre. Our organization is rooted deeply in the belief that if you can speak English, you can teach it! Íbero TEFL is the most accredited TEFL provider in Argentina as well as an award winning company that has trained and sent thousands of TEFL teachers abroad. Our TEFL trainees will receive the highest standard of TEFL training throughout the transition to becoming an English language teacher; from a detailed TEFL course content to extensive support from our experts.