2017 TEFL FAQs

1- How much is the deposit? 600 USD? If I pay this I assume this is non-refundable?

The deposit costs 600 USD and it is non-refundable. The total course price for this year including the deposit is 1790 USD but in 2017 the total course price is 1990 USD. If you pay for your TEFL course before December 31st this year I can respect this year´s price, which is cheaper.

2- Do I have flexibility regarding dates? If I choose a date can I change this and if so would this incur a fee?

Regarding dates, we need to know the number or participants at least 30 days prior to the start of the course and yes, it is better to know your start date because we organize observations and teaching practices better if we can know how many of you will be taking the montnly course. Yes, the change of date would incur in a fee because it takes extra organizational work outside of school hours. Here you can read more about the alteration of program fee https://iberotefl.com/start-dates-and-fees/

3- How much would homestay accommodation be for 28 days? For just 28 nights the cost is 840 USD.

Our TEFL training school in Buenos Aires offers several different kinds of accommodation options to ensure a safe and comfortable stay in Buenos Aires. Accommodation with the school is of course optional, and it can also be booked independently. All accommodation offered by our school is located in pleasant and safe neighborhoods and regularly checked and approved by a staff member. Please take into account the minimum stay is 28 nights and that we need your flight information to start the booking process.There are three kinds of accommodation options the school offers:

1- Homestay

2- Shared Apartments

3- Private Apartments


If besides of getting TEFL certified, you are also looking for totalimmersion in the Spanish language while in Buenos Aires, then the best option for you is staying with a family. All the host families are carefully selected by our staff and are friendly and all families are used to host international students regularly. A member of the school’s staff visits the family to make sure their suitability for hosting our students.

The host families agree that they:

  • Will create opportunities for the student to maximize their improvement of the Spanish language
  • Will create opportunities for cultural immersion
  • allow the student to use their washing machine
  • give a set of keys to the student on arrival
  • If students are for any reason the students are unhappy in their host family, they are switched to another homestay, however this does not occur very often.

What´s included

  • Private or shared bedroom
  • Towels and sheets
  • Great location, walking distance or with nearby accessible transportation
  • A key to come and go as you please

What´s not allowed

To bring in strangers or people to the apartment at night.

Shared Apartment

Each shared apartment has a full access kitchen, bathroom, living room and two or more bedrooms. You can choose to stay in a single or in a double room. Normally all our shared apartments have free Wi-Fi Internet access. Double rooms are only available for two students travelling together. This option is perfect for students who are looking for affordable and independent accommodation in Buenos Aires.

What´s included

  • Private or shared bedroom
  • Towels and sheets
  • Great location, walking distance or with nearby accessible transportation
  • Full access kitchen, to prepare your own meals
  • A key to come and go as you please

What´s not allowed

To bring in strangers or people to the apartment at night.

Private Apartment

Our TEFL training center in Buenos Aires has partnered with local real estate companies to assist students in finding the perfect apartment during their stay. Students are able to choose the location, size, and included amenities based on their possibilities. This option is ideal for students who are looking for total independence or for families or couples who are traveling together and would rather more privacy.


  • Fully-furnished apartment with utilities included
  • Price, size and amenities depend on apartment selected
  • Deposit is required


Shared Apartments and Homestays: Minimum stay with no meals is 28 nights at 840 USD. The student can choose to stay for 28 nights or longer, each additional night costs 40 USD. Airport pick up costs 60 USD. Private apartment costs vary and the student normally arranges the booking process through a recommended real state agency in Buenos Aires.

4- You mention guaranteed employment after certification – is this true?

Of course it is. Job placement is offered for people staying in Buenos Aires for the minimum 6 months and willing to be hard workers and effective teachers.These are the institutes and companies we normally work with in Buenos Aires

  • American Forum
  • Pensaris
  • Profesores de Idiomas
  • Lew Idiomas
  • BA Languages
  • Mini Bilinguals
  • Wall Street Institute
  • English Services
  • Bespoke Services
  • Top English
  • Liceo Británico de Buenos Aires
  • Stratford English

I thought about what employers normally say to me and it is logical. Once they get to know you better, they will assign you more classes. It is possible to live and work in Buenos Aires from this profession while you can also perfect your Spanish skills. Of course I always think of the image of an English Teacher being a good person and having a drive to also take on new challenges and projects on their own, not just sitting on the couch thinking that if if the person is not getting enough teaching hours, it´s Florencia´s fault.

5- When working what is the typical salary and how does this reflect on living costs?

  • 800-1200 USD per month
  • 600-800 USD

There is high demand for English-language instruction in Buenos Aires and any individual with TEFL certification is likely to find work. It is useful, however, for applicants to be aware that most English-language instructors in Buenos Aires work various part-time positions rather than one full-time.