Could you please forward me all the information pertaining to this programme, including costs involved, Visa Application process and requirements, including the request for Accommodation and airport pick up.

Your program for 4 weeks will look like

  • Airport pick up 60 USD
  • TEFL course deposit 600 USD
  • TEFL training course with free job placement 1190 USD
  • 28 nights of accommodation 840 USD
  • Total cost 2690 USD

What is the current cost for the course?
The price for the course is 1190 paid on arrival plus 600 USD deposit. You should reserve with a deposit.The price of the course is specified here https://iberotefl.com/start-dates-and-fees.html
This is what most students say about our program


I am looking into buying my plane ticket and I will be purchasing a one way ticket, will that cause any kind of issue going through customs when I get there? I have already paid the reciprocity fee but will I need a visa before I get there or will I obtain a work visa once I begin teaching?

I do not think this can represent an issue but it is always better to have a return ticket. Americans can enter Argentina on a tourist visa so there is no problem. Do you know already how long are you staying working as an English teacher in Buenos Aires? It is worth applying for a tourist visa if you know that you will live in Buenos Aires for one year or two.

As far as compensation for work, is it similar to in the US how you receive a paycheck roughly every other week or twice a month? I’m trying to plan out my finances and am wondering when more or less I can expect a paycheck once I begin working. Will I need to set up an Argentinian bank account or simply cash checks?

Here language schools and companies pay by the month, usually on the last day. If you are applying for a work visa, of course you will have a back account otherwise you will have cash with you. It is not a big deal but you have to be careful, especially if you stay in a shared accommodation.

With the job placements, will I most likely begin work upon hire or do some places wait for the start of a new semester?

Here English native speakers and TEFL teachers are on demand. There is no waiting period for hiring.

Are the TEFL courses internationally recognised? And am I correct in my understanding that TEFL equips English speaking people to teach English in foreign countries?

Yes, the TEFL certificate is international. You can teach English here in Argentina or anywhere in the world. It is a lot easier to secure a job position here in Argentina because we have fluent contacts with enterprises and language organizations.

If I only wish to take intensive Spanish for beginners without the TEFL course, what would the cost be per week? Are there any special rates for longer course duration like 8 weeks for example?

Yes. the special 4 week course costs 1790 USD, all textbooks included and no registration fee.

You mention that you guarantee paid employment after completion of TEFL provided that the person stays in Buenos Aires for 6 months minimum. Do you also source employment in other places such as Bariloche or Mendoza (i.e. do we have a choice where we wish to work) and, most importantly, do you assist in the application for a work permit? As I understand it I would enter Argentina on a 3 month tourist visum, which I can renew for another 3 months. But after that I must either have a study permit or a work permit to remain in the country.

Yes, of course we have partnerships with language schools in Mendoza, Córdoba or Bariloche and can write a recommendation letter for you as well for other jobs you would like to apply on your own. Regarding visas, it is not necessary to undergo a long procedure with the work visa if you know you are just staying in Argentina for 6 months. English language classes are an informal job and all other participants were successful at their jobs just with the tourist visa.

When do the Spanish courses for beginners typically commence, what is the cost (U$ 125 per week?) and what is included?

Spanish immersion classes for beginners start every Monday. You can choose any Monday you may want to but it has to e before the TEFL starts or after the TEFL finishes. The classes cannot be taken simultaneously because the TEFL needs full commitment to the course because it is intense.

Regarding the TEFL course, what is the cost and what are the locations where you will place students in jobs?

The cost for the TEFL course has a special price of 1790  USD. This is the total price and it includes all materials and job placement.

And what would an English teacher typically earn in such a placement?

It depends on the company but normally an English teacher is getting 80-120 Argentinian pesos per hour.

Firstly, what is your success rate for graduating students’ ability to find a job (within a month or two)? I know your website claims “guaranteed job placement,” but can you really provide work for all the graduating students?

We have lots of contacts from language schools, English language agencies and companies that is why we are able to say that the jobs are guaranteed. Most people taking the TEFL course are highly motivated so from this point of view it is very easy to get them lots of teaching hours, as the ability to work and to learn from the process is very positive.

Second, I saw that accommodations are offered, and I would certainly be interested in a shared apartment. However, is that only available for the 4 week duration of the TEFL course?  I plan to stay one year minimum and would need to have an apartment for at least a year.  Do you provide access to shared apartment options with one year leases? If not do you support students in finding apartments when the course is completed?

You can stay at the shared apartment for minimum 4 weeks but the maximum time you may decide. If you would like to get an apartment we can help you with great recommendations. You can stay at a private apartment for as long as you may want to.

Also, does your organization provide cheaper options for Spanish classes to students taking the TEFL course? I have an intermediate level of Spanish, but definitely want to take more classes when I am in Buenos Aries; however due to my financial situation I would prefer to find cheaper Spanish classes.

Yes, of course we can make a discount and you can start with your Spanish classes for as long as you may want to, either before or after the TEFL.

Finally my last three questions involve logistics such as healthcare, visas, and bank accounts.  As I stated I plan to be in Argentina for a very extensive period of time and would require long term health care, visa and bank account.  Do you help with providing work visas?

Work visas no because we are a small organization but you can teach the English classes and live in Buenos Aires on a tourist visa as the jobs you will have are pretty informal, but secure positions.

Do the majority of the job opportunities provide options for health care?

They do not however if you feel good with the idea you can have you own healthcare insurance from the States or use the free healthcare from Buenos Aires.

As far as bank accounts go, I have visited Buenos Aries and am aware of the confusing blue rate for exchange.  What bank would you recommend to a foreigner, with a good security and exchange rate for US dollars?

The Banco Piano is safe. There are no banks with good exchange rates for foreigners; banks use normally the official rate from the government.

What is TEFL?

A TEFL certificate is an initial qualification for teaching English as a foreign language. TEFL allows people with a passion for teaching to teach in institutes, schools, or privately with individuals in different countries around the world.

Why become TEFL certified?

Becoming TEFL certified means having the opportunity to live, travel, and teach around the world. You will be able to develop your teaching skills and also gain valuable experience and knowledge while experiencing new cultures.

Do I need prior teaching experience?

No. There is no requirement for students to have previous teaching experience; of course, having experience is always a plus, but it is not required to attend or complete the course

What is the course schedule?

The TEFL course runs from 1:00pm until 6:00pm Monday through Friday for the duration of the course. Each TEFL course lasts four weeks. During these four weeks trainees will also be expected to complete practice teaching sessions. These will either be organized in the morning before class, or in the afternoons after class. Due to the intensive nature of the course, students are expected to dedicate the entire month to the TEFL course, and eliminate any scheduling conflicts that may arise.

Are there examinations? What about a final exam?

Throughout the TEFL course there are four examinations. Each week of the course covers a different theme and is summed up on Fridays with a test covering all of the week´s material. These tests will consist of a review of the week´s material, as well as questions that challenge the student to apply what they have learned to the field of secondary language education. There is no final exam covering the entire course´s material, only the four weekly exams.

What does the course cover?

The course covers a wide range of topics related to teaching English as a second language. These includes an overview of teaching English, teaching methods, motivation techniques, phonetics and phonology, classroom management, teaching grammar, lesson planning, teaching the four basic language skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening), how to use games and songs, how to create materials, assignments in the classroom, and professional development. The course also includes real life teaching practice sessions.

I am interested  in the 4 week TEFL/TESOL certification, along with a 4 week home stay while I am taking the coarse. I was also wondering if airport pickup and other support services were available? Do you have an estimate what the total cost in USD would be for the grand total of: airport pickup,4 week homestay, with 4 week certification?

The total 4 week program with TEFL, airport pick up and homestay costs 2690 USD. It costs less that most of other competitor schools in Buenos Aires. With the integration of reviews and alumni testimonials across the web, our TEFL course has become the #1 school in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I love the idea of getting a TEFL diploma as well as learning Spanish. Is there a possibility of combining these two? If yes, would this mean 4 weeks of learning Spanish and getting a TEFL degree and then working as an English teacher for half a year? Would I get paid as an English teacher or is it voluntary work?

We can get you a paid job as an English Teacher in Buenos Aires if you can stay in Buenos Aires for at least 6 months. There are practice teaching sessions during your last weeks which will contact you with your future employer. The 3 week Spanish course can be taken before or after the TEFL. This is because the TEFL course is very intense and you need to reserve energy in order to keep up with everything.

I am a Trinity Cert.TESOL teacher and was wondering if you had any vacancies within your school for a native speaking English teacher?

We can offer an ESL guarantee for you. We can guarantee English Language Job positions in Buenos Aires for one year. Of course you can think that you can do it alone with no costs but also without recommendations. We can talk to people and have your schedule of classes busy. As far as the price, you can contact us.

I am planning on staying in Buenos Aires for at least 1 year. How exactly does the job placement work? Also what would be the total costs including accommodation for these 4 weeks?

It is great that you are planning on staying for a year in Buenos Aires. Paid job positions start right after the TEFL.The cost of the accommodation for 4 weeks is 840 USD and the TEFL course cost is 1790  USD. There are no other costs. Materials and Job placement are free.

I’m interested in your TEFL+ Spanish course in Buenos Aires but I’ve some hesitations. As  I’m not a native speaker in English i am wondering about the chances of finding job after completing the course? I have a Toefl IBT score of 81; is that score meet the requirements for taking the course? I can say that i have a little knowledge about Spanish do you think it would  be helpful for teaching English in Spanish speaking countries if i will be able to improve my Spanish.

Spanish classes are recommended to be taken before or after the TEFL course for 3 weeks in which you normally complete one Spanish level. This way with 45 hours of class you will complete an entire unit of information.  Once we receive your registration form, we will send you our placement test which will allow us to put you in the correct class.  Our group classes have between 3 and 9 students with 9 as the maximum.  This allows us to give each student individual attention that allows you to progress at a quick but comfortable pace.  The school also provides activities outside the school so that you can get to know the city while making use and practicing your Spanish. Our TEFL course is professionally designed, administered, monitored, and quality-controlled to ensure that we graduate the highest quality of English teachers available today. ÍBERO TEFL Certificate Program is internationally and nationally certified by the Buenos Aires government and recommended by both Lonely Planet and Time Out Travel Guides.

I am interested in studying at your school   My husband will be travelling with me. What is the situation regarding accommodations?   Are there apts near the school that we could rent and what would be the cost? Thanks for your time.

We work closely with Argentineans of all different ages, lifestyles and family dynamics, who rent room(s) in their house to Ibero students. Not only do we handle the stress of finding a comfortable place for you to live but you also get the chance to live with locals and practice the Spanish you will be learning in class. All student housing rooms are singles (not shared) and fully furnished with shared bathroom, internet, and use of the common space of the house (living room, kitchen, balcony, etc.). The Argentinean homes we work with are selected, visited and approved by Ibero Housing staff. These homes are in safe neighborhoods that centrally located and in close vicinity of our school.  Airport pickup is recommended so we can get you straight to your new home as soon as you arrive to Buenos Aires! Our housing program is not just about putting a roof over your head, it introduces you to and integrates you into the language and culture of Buenos Aires. For this reason, the minimum home stay is 1 month. Once you register for student housing we will send you the profiles, photos and prices of the rooms that are available for the selected dates. Please note that in order to register you must provide flight information details.

I am curious about the placements for teachers of EFL.. Are placements only within the city of Buenos Aires or are they all over Argentina?  I would also like to apply for housing through Ibero while I am taking the TEFL class.

We find paid Jobs for our TEFL grarduates once in Buenos Aires but you can use  our recommendations to work in the rest of Argentina or Latin America.

I am a recent university graduate from Ohio, USA with an undergraduate degree in Spanish and a teaching license. I am currently pursuing opportunities to teach English abroad and came across your website. I participated in a study abroad program in Córdoba, Argentina in 2010 and would love the opportunity to go back to the country and teach. Your program sounds exactly like what I am looking for, but I’m wondering if you could give me advice on best times to look for jobs in Buenos Aires/Argentina? I know you offer courses all year long and offer job placement help, but I would like to know if there is a best time of the year to apply, that way I can more easily decide when it might be best to take your course.

Peak hiring times are March and August, However November is also good for next year´s prospective courses.

I am interested in the programme you mention – THE ESL Job Guarantee-  I understand this is for someone who’s already CELTA qualified (which I am) so I wouldn’t have to do the course again? I would be able to commit to 6 months teaching in Buenos Aires – is there a particular start date or is that flexible? As I don’t have any experience yet, I assume that I would be shown how to get started and the materials and resources are provide? I already speak some Spanish but would like to continue to improve my speaking skills. The apartment would be shared but I presume I would get my own room?

Mid July or August would be great to start teaching English here. Also too, you could brush up on your Spanish 3 weeks earlier to the start of the work experience here. No, you do not have to take the TEFL or CELTA course again but you would have to sit for a methodology exam once you want to start. Please let me know when would you like to come. We would need further information from you. The shared apartment includes a single room, yes. Salaries vary (part time, full time) but you would have to sign a document committing to a 6 month stay.

My daughter is interested in coming to Buenos Aires as a tourist and also to take a TEFL course. Your program sounds very good. You mention that you offer assistance with job placement after the course.  I spoke to a person at the Argentine consulate in Washington DC and she said that she would not be able to get a work visa without having a contract before entering the program.  However, she would not have a job or even know where to look until after she took the course.  What do you suggest? How to people from other countries get visas in order to work in Buenos Aires after taking the TEFL course?

Most English Teaching Jobs in Buenos Aires are informal. The most important qualification that schools look at here for English teachers is TEFL certification.  We are able to guarantee employment for you if your daughter stays at least for 6 months in Buenos Aires. She will be required to do 10 hours of teaching practices, which will be with local English institutes and could possibly lead into potential jobs.

Benefits of our job placement system

· Professional service through our extensive global network of contacts in Buenos Aires
· Guaranteed paid English jobs in Buenos Aires, Argentina if the person stays for at least 6 months (one year ideally)
·  Academic Sessions each week to prepare resumes/CVs for the job market as well as preparation of applications, interviews & other relevant needs for job procurement
·Free participation in seminars and congresses with highly experienced teacher trainers
·   Íbero TEFL is one of the most commonly accepted and recognized TEFL Certificates in the world today because of our US accredited program

I am a soon to be University graduate from the U.S interested in teaching English abroad in Buenos Aires and improving my Spanish language skills. In trying to decide when would be the best time for me to get certified I was wondering if there is a certain time of year that is best for applying for TEFL jobs in Buenos Aires/Argentina? I was also wondering if you would be able to put me in contact with previous students of your program. I would really like to get a good sense of what it will be like to get certified and teach English in Buenos Aires.

Yes, you can take your TEFL course throughout the year. Peak hiring times are March, July, September and November. We can also put you in contact with ex participants of our TEFL course. If you stay for one year in Argentina, your chances of getting a better paid job increase.  We have an agreement with an English teaching agency that provides our graduates with stable, well paid employment.  Your teaching practices begin with them and they will provide you with all necessary academic materials.  As well, they hold meetings once per month to discuss English language teaching methodology, which is a great opportunity to meet other colleagues and share experiences.

I would like to the do the 7 week option and take the three weeks of Spanish class in addition to the teacher training classes.  What I am wondering is if it is possible to take the Spanish class portion first.

You can study Spanish 3 weeks before starting with your TEFL course or 3 weeks after the TEFL course or the amount of weeks you may want before or after the course. TEFL is very intensive and cannot be combined with other courses.Regarding Spanish, we talk about 3 weeks because it is the amount of weeks necessary to complete a Spanish level but you can study more weeks or less weeks.

What is the TEFL course about? Why is it 4 weeks-long?

You will find the experience you gain from your TEFL course and the motivation from your professors invaluable.  We are able to guarantee employment for you if you stay at least for 6 months in Buenos Aires. Our reputation and the high quality of all our academic programs allows us to guarantee our TEFL graduates paid job positions. The TEFL course is broken up into 4 week sections.  The first two weeks introduce, teach and prepare you to implement various methods of teaching.  During this time you will also review the foundations of English grammar, and analyze grammatical structures of the language which are commonly overlooked by native English speakers.  The final two weeks will build on the knowledge that was introduced in the beginning of the course and solidify your understanding of the course content through teaching observations and practice sessions.

What are practice teaching sessions? How are they assessed? Do they provide practical experience? How do you make sure TEFL trainees encourage active learning in the classroom?

Practice teaching sessions are when our TEFL trainees teach their own language courses. The majority of these practice teaching sessions will be through English language institutes in the city, although we occasionally organize some classes with our English language student volunteers. These practice classes help the trainee to feel comfortable in the classroom and to begin to encounter the fun and difficulty of teaching. The trainee will have planned all lessons beforehand with the help of the TEFL instructor. Trainees are required to teach 10 hours of practice teaching sessions in order to complete the course requirements. In order to assess the trainee, we have all English students fill out evaluation forms. The TEFL instructor will also observe select classes in order to gauge the trainees´ performance.
The practice teaching sessions give the trainee practical experience by requiring him/her to plan a class, execute the lesson plan, and then reflect on how it went. As such it introduces them to how to organize a class, what it´s like to give a class, and how to improve for next time. Having already taught 10 hours means that the trainees will already have experience and confidence in front of a class room to build off of when they go out to teach their own classes in the future. In these practice teaching sessions we make sure that our TEFL trainees are encouraging active learning amongst their students by properly preparing them in effective teaching methods and techniques. We also observe and offer constructive feedback about their performance in order to help them improve.

What about job placement after the course?

Our reputation and the high quality of all our academic programs allow us to guarantee our graduates paid job positions in Argentina with local institutes upon successful completion of our TEFL TESOL course in Argentina. We have direct employment contacts worldwide for those students that desire to get their certification in Argentina and move on to teach elsewhere. During the course students will be working with local institutes in order to complete the observations and practice teachings. These institutes, after having met and worked with our trainees, frequently hire them to continue working after the TEFL course has been completed.

Do you offer housing?

Yes, we do, the minimum home stay is typically 1 month. Once you register for student housing we will send you the profiles, photos and prices of the rooms that are available for the selected dates.

How do I register for my TEFL course? What does it cost?

Please see Special Offers. Registration is free. In order to register for the TEFL course at Íbero individuals can either fill out our online registration form located on our website, or come by the school and fill out a registration form in person. This will place the student in our information systems and we will then continue contact with the individual as his/her course approaches.

What do I need to do my first day?

The first day of the TEFL class at Íbero is typically on a Monday (unless there is a national holiday). The students arrive at 12.30 am and the class begins at 1.00 pm The professor is here at this time and along with the staff greets all new and returning students. It is important to arrive on time the first day because it helps to organize the new course and to simplify the process of processing all new TEFL trainees. Students must bring payment for the course in full, their passport to be copied, as well as a notebook and writing utensil. The textbook will be provided before the course begins.

Where are you located?

Our address is 755 Paraná street. We are in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires, and walking distance from many important tourist locations such as the obelisk, plaza de mayo, rustic San Telmo, and modern Puerto Madero.

What about materials?

Each TEFL trainee candidate will receive his/her own course textbook. All of our materials are original, and have been constructed and edited throughout our more than a decade long history as a school. All of our course materials are included in the cost of the course. Each original Íbero textbook is the sole property of the individual who purchased the book, and this material is to be used only for the academic course for which it was created. The textbook is personal and non-transferable, just like Íbero´s classes, and it is prohibited to lend, gift or photocopy the Íbero textbook.

How much does a teacher make in Buenos Aires?

Teacher of English as a second language in Buenos Aires can expect to make between 80 and 120 pesos per hour. As teaching does require some travel and preparation time on top of actual hours teaching, a teacher can expect to work about 30 or 40 hours per week in total. The amount that an English teacher makes in Buenos Aires is enough to support oneself.

What are visa requirements?

In order to take the TEFL course we do not require any kind of work or study visa. Upon completion of the course and beginning to teach, most institutes do not require any kind of special visa and will hire TEFL trainees working with tourist visas. Some institutes will assist newly hired trainees in acquiring a DNI (Argentine national identification and tax registration) and work visas. Work visas may be difficult to acquire before coming to Buenos Aires without pre-arranged work. If one chooses to work on a tourist visa in order to maintain legal status in the country he/she must leave and re-enter the country every 90 days in order to renew the visa. Many countries´ residents, including those from the United States, must pay a reciprocity fee upon entering Argentina. This fee is good for passage into and out of Argentina for 10 years, when the fee must be paid again. You should check your embassy´s website for current details on entering Argentina.

How can I pay for the course?

You can send the deposit for the course and pay the remaining balance upon arrival in Buenos Aires. We currently accept payment in United States´ dollars in cash on your first day at school.