Start dates and fees

2017 TEFL Course: Start dates


The classroom part of the TEFL training runs for five hours per day from Monday through Friday. You will receive the confirmed schedule for your class via email.

New TEFL Teachers will need to leave afternoons available to study, plan classes, observe classes, and teach practice classes. This 120 hour course is very intensive, so please make sure you are able to fully dedicate to the program without other commitments!

TEFL Course 2017

  • June 8th- July 6th (June 20th is a National Holiday)
  • July 10th– August 4th
  • August 9th- September 6th (21st August is a National Holiday)
  • September 11th- October 6th
  • October 11th– November 7th
  • November 9th- December 7th (November 27th is a National Holiday)

TEFL Course Normal Fee 1990 USD, Deposit for the course 600 USD. Remaining balance of 1390 USD.

Special 2017 Price for students booking as of April 15th, 2017, discount valid for 2017 Start dates only 1390 USD.

TEFL Course 2018

  • January 22nd- February 20th
  • February 26th– March 22nd
  • April 3rd-April 30th
  • May 3rd– May 31st
  • June 4th-July 2nd
  • July 10th– August 6th
  • August 9th-September 6th
  • September 10th– October 5th
  • October 8th-November 5th
  • November 8th-December 6th

What does the price include?

  • 4 week TEFL course in Buenos Aires at our school.
  • Textbook for Íbero TEFL.
  • Extra materials for the course.
  • Teaching practice sessions.
  • Letter of recommendation from our Academic Director.
  • Job placement *

Please note: English Teaching Jobs are available for people staying in Buenos Aires 6 month minimum.

*Guaranteed employment in Buenos Aires or worldwide is availabe for people staying at least 6 months in BA or in the desired destination, besides the 4 week TEFL course, therefore you will have to remain in the chosen destination for at least 7 months in total and be a hard worker as well as a highly motivated indvidual, if not, chances of assuring a job are limited.

Why does our school cost less than other TEFL providers?

  • With years of experience in the language school market, we can offer competitive rates and students receive an excellent education.
  •  We are a small language school run by its academically distinguished Argentinian owners. Our school is recognized by several national and international institutions.
  • We work hard for maximum results.

I researched companies that offer TEFL Training and found Íbero. Very helpful staff. I lke the colorful walls. I am glad that I chose to train on location because it is more inspiring and interesting to be in the classroom and internet with everyone. I have definitely learnt a lot. The material is very thorough and easy to understand. Our Professor Carolina was stimulating, interesting and amazing. I also enjoyed listening to various teaching styles, I especially liked Jessica´s classes during observations. Practice teaching sessions were challenging and helpful in building confidence. Thank you for a great experience. Roxana Homapour, UK.

Naomi-Grewan-South-AfricaI found about the website online. Everything was good. The building is well located, the staff are extremely friendly and willing to help. The schedule is busy but manageable. The TEFL class was an enlightening experience, I really enjoyed it and yes it will help me as a teacher in the future. The book is full of useful information. I will probably use it as a guide for a while. I do not think anyone else could have done the job better than Carolina, our TEFL trainer. She has inspired us as well. The observations were useful and enjoyable. I learnt a lot. About my accommodation in Buenos Aires, Roberto and Susana from my homestay were amazing hosts, they made me feel comfortable and were extremely helpful. I loved every moment of my TEFL course here at Íbero Buenos Aires. Naomi Grewan, South Africa