Why choose Íbero TEFL?

Why choose Íbero TEFL­? Could I easily find a job right after the course?


Why Íbero TEFL Course?

English Teaching Job in Buenos Aires Argentina: Through our program,  you can get an English Teaching Job in Buenos Aires and Worldwide and job offers in Argentina, Chile, all of Latin America,  and online! 


Be a step ahead from your competitors. Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires,  improve your skills and speed up your worldwide job search, Sign up now!


With this International Diploma, you can work anywhere in the world. You can teach English in Buenos Aires, Latin America or Worldwide. Sign up now!


We can guarantee a job for a year or two Worldwide. You would need to be committed to the job and have lots of productive energy. Sign up now!


Length of Training:  4 weeks full-time, 120-hour in house TEFL course in Buenos Aires.

Tuition: Click here

Housing costs are not included. Accommodation is available for a minimum 28 nights. Click here

English Teaching Jobs

available worldwide throughout the year. For Buenos Aires, take into account November- March is a slow season for English classes.

Buenos Aires TEFL Course Dates & Availability

Click here  for Buenos Aires TEFL course start dates. We recommend enrolling at least 30 days prior to your course start date.

TEFL Professors

Given the fact that we are internationally recognized as well as the best TEFL course in Latin America, our TEFL instructors are academically distinguished, University Professors with over a decade of experience. They will guide you in this process of becoming an English Teacher in just four weeks as well as in getting an ESL job worldwide.

Daily Schedule & Intensity

Students should expect to be in class on weekdays, the schedule will be confirmed to students some weeks prior to the start of the course because of the fact our Professors have busy agendas. Some extra work will be required during weekends due to National Holidays in Argentina. We normally advise our students to dedicate all of their productive energy to the course without other simultaneous commitments.

Non-Native English Speakers

Must show proof of fluency. Please contact us

TEFL Coursebook

There is a TEFL guide and coursebook written by the Director of the program as well as two methodology TEFL exams during the course. This along with your observation classes and teaching practice sessions gather an academic student unit.

Course Location

The training center is located in Palermo, the best neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Our building is super comfortable with climate controlled classrooms and everything prepared for you to have a great time here while you study.

TEFL Jobs in Buenos Aires  

All our program students and graduates receive hands-on job placement assistance from our local staff in Buenos Aires in addition to lifetime, worldwide job search guidance.

Class Size & Facilities  

Classes are capped at 15 students but the average class is 8-10 students; Internet access is available at the school facilities, which also includes many different classrooms.

TEFL Accreditation and University credits

Our program is recognized by multiple organisms in the TEFL field and via our course you can also apply for University credits through Fort Hays University in USA . Read more

Buenos Aires Spanish Immersion Classes

These intensive Spanish courses are important in order to be able to understand your Spanish speaking students as well as your future employers in Argentina or in the rest of Latin America. It is recommended to study for at least 3 weeks before or after the TEFL course. Our Academic Director will guide you through this learning process.


If you submit your online registration form, we will be in touch with you ASAP in order to start with your program.