Guaranteed Jobs

Guaranteed paid English jobs in Buenos Aires, Argentina if you stay for at least 6 months (the chances of finding more work are better if you can stay for at least one year in Buenos Aires).

ESL Job Guarantee in Buenos Aires

If you are already TEFL or CELTA certified and you are looking for a guaranteed English Job in Buenos Aires, we can help you out if

  • You are able to stay for 6 months to one year in Buenos Aires
  • Take a methodology class examination to make sure your knowledge of teaching is updated
  • You are already in Buenos Aires or will be soon and you can enter Argentina on a legal tourist visa
  • If you stay for one year, the chances of obtaining a full time job are better than if you are staying for 6 months or similar.
  • The cost of this program (exam and interview included) is 1390 USD to be paid before you arrive in Buenos Aires.

How does the ESL guarantee work?

  • You submit your contact information and specify that you would like to apply for the Guaranteed Jobs program because you are already TEFL or CELTA qualified. You can sign up here and indicate the name of this program. You will receive an email from us with payment information.
  • We send the methodology exam via email to you. Please complete it to the best of your knowledge and send it back to us.
  • If everything is fine and your knowledge of Teaching English is updated, you are able to access our network of language schools, agencies and professional organizations. Our more than a decade in the language travel market in Buenos Aires allows us to perform successful English teaching jobs placements.

Guaranteed paid English jobs in Buenos Aires

ESL Jobs in Buenos Aires – FAQS

  • What is the ESL guarantee? What if I am already TEFL/ CELTA certified?

If you get TEFL certified before arriving in Buenos Aires and  do not want to take the TEFL course here, then yes you should pay the ESL guarantee and the accommodation for the time you may want.

  • What are the ESL Jobs in Buenos Aires about?

The job position we offer is to work as an English Teacher for language institutes or companies in downtown Buenos Aires.

  • Is the job through your company or one of Íbero´s affiliates?

It is done by one of our affiliates in a sense it is the language school or company the one that hires you directly.

  • What type of job is it?

This type of job is informal so it´s not possible to give certain facts about it but it is constant and a fixed salary which does not give you much but enough to survive in Buenos Aires. The normal salary for an ESL teacher in Buenos Aires, Argentina is 8000-12000 pesos, as a part time job per month. If you take a full time position you can earn much more, double the salary. The English classes are always split in hours maybe you should have to commute to several parts in the city, the English classes will not always be in an only place.

  • How long can I be hired and how much is it? Is it possible to re-sign after a year? Will that incur further costs?

You can be hired for 6 months, 1 year or 2 years and we will not charge you further costs. The only cost is the 1390 USD job placement fee.