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ÍBERO TEFL Certificate Program

The ÍBERO TEFL Certificate Program gives students the qualification needed to teach English as a foreign language worldwide.
The course consists of 120 hours of coursework with ten hours devoted to in-class teaching practice.

Our program

The TEFL course is broken up into 4 week sections.  The first two weeks introduce, teach and prepare you to implement various methods of teaching.  During this time you will also review the foundations of English grammar, and analyze grammatical structures of the language which are commonly overlooked by native English speakers.  The final two weeks will build on the knowledge that was introduced in the beginning of the course and solidify your understanding of the course content through teaching observations and practice sessions. You will be able to observe and teach different levels and dynamics of classrooms such as beginner, intermediate and advanced in group and/or private settings.

Trainees will be able to develop their English language teaching skills and also they will gain valuable experience and knowledge while experiencing new cultures.  They will graduate with the skills and resources needed to be successful in any type of English as a Second or Foreign Language class. They will learn how to present English dynamic lessons using the latest and most cutting edge language methodologies with the confidence and ability to teach students of any nationality. After graduation, TEFL students will receive job placement as well. ÍBERO TEFL trainees will focus on these six major areas:


  • UK recognized program of studies.
  • 120 hour total training course.
  • 100 academic hours, input classes.
  • 10 classroom observations.
  • 10 teaching practice sessions with real English as a foreign language students.
  • Continuous assessment throughout the course & academic assignments to track progress.
  • We guarantee paid employment in Buenos Aires after the course if you stay 6 months minimum or more.
    You have to be responsible and good at work!
  • Meets international quality standards set by leading worldwide organizations.
  • Unbeatable Price! 1790 USD total fee including job placement with TEFL course manual.

Six major areas

  • Foreign or Second English Language Experience
  • Classroom Management, English Language Awareness (English Language Grammar )
  • English Language Teaching Techniques,
  • Class Materials Projects and Teaching Practice.
  • Our highly qualified TEFL Trainers place an emphasis on Teaching Levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, groups and One-on-One).

Observations through Ibero TEFL Course

We have an educational agreement with renowned English language schools in Buenos Aires and you will have 10 hours of English class observations with them.

Admission – TEFL Course Entry requirements

  • Be at least 21 years of age.
  • Must be an English native speaker or International student satisfying the English Language requirements as follows:
    IELTS 6.5 (academic format) with no grade/band below 6 or
    TOEFL paper-based 580 + TWE 4.0 or TOEFL computer-based 240 with essay 4.0 or TOEFL iBt 94 (Listening 20, Reading 23, Speaking 23, Writing 24) or Masters C2(Anglia level)
  • Commitment to the program and a high degree of maturity and professionalism. No other commitment during the course in order to focus all energy on the program.
  • Complete the academic hours of class with tutor.
  • Complete the 10 hours of classroom observation.
  • Complete the 10 hours of teaching practice sessions
  • Hand in all written assignments and materials. Attend all examinations and tutor- marked assignments

We offer our Trainees

  • 120 hour- course, International TEFL Diploma, externally moderated by educational organizations in the UK. Training and input according to the academic standards proposed by TEFL specialists from the University of Cambridge ESOL Awards
  • Our own material, course syllabus and coursebook
  • 10 hours of classroom observation
  • 10 hours  of teaching practice
  • Continuous assessment throughout the course & academic assignments to track progress
  • Guaranteed job positions for our TEFL graduates (minimum stay 6 months)
  • 4 weekly tests. These tests will measure your progress and help you achieve your goals. Your instructor will guide you and correct tests every Friday during the course.
  • Access to professional development and ELT seminars: You will have the chance to assist conferences, workshops and special courses for English teachers at no cost or at a discounted rate.

Own coursebook and extra materials

Our book has been written by TEFL TESOL specialists and recommendations and improvements by ESL specialists have been made over the years. In our book you will find relevant topics such as:

  • English Language Teaching Methods,
  • Foreign Language Journal Experience/Student Profile,
  • English Grammar,
  • Teaching Levels and Skills,
  • Motivation and Classroom Management and Materials Project. Sample Lessons, Sample Songs and Games and Self- evaluations.

Academic resources available

TEFL course materials bibliography

  • ÍBERO TEFL Coursebook, Your Guide to Teaching English by Florencia Bozzano
  • The CELTA Course Trainee Book and Trainer’s Manual (Scott Thornbury and Peter Watkins)
  • English Grammar in Use (Raymond Murphy)
  • How to teach English (Jeremy Harmer)
  • The Practice of English Language Teaching with DVD
  • Teaching English Worldwide (Paul Lindsay)
  • Practical English Usage (Michael Swan)
  • How English Works: A Grammar Practice Book (Michael Swan and Catherine Walters)

Extensive Reading

ÍBERO TEFL recommends trainees to have at home for reference or for further study the following books:

  • English Grammar in use (with answers) 2nd edition, Raymond Murphy
  • Basic English Usage, Michael Swan
  • NTS’s American Idioms Dictionary – Third Edition, Richard A Spears
  • How to teach English, Jeremy Harmer
  • Understanding and Using English Grammar, Betty Schrampfer Azar
  • A – Z of Grammar, Geoffrey Leach
  • Practical English Usage, Michael Swan

You will also find sections covering: CV, Interview and Cover Letter Preparation, Living and Teaching in Argentina and in Latin America. Each of these areas and themes will be taught, discussed and practiced. You will have to devote extra time and be ready to cover a demanding load of academic materials during the course.

Academic classes, observations and teaching practice sessions

  • 100 hours of class instruction: (95 academic hours) at ÍBERO TEFL School plus 5 hours practice teaching planning. Your classes will cover all the theory needed to become an effective English teacher in just 4 weeks; with all relevant topics ranging from English language teaching methods and language awareness to CV/résumé preparation workshops, career guidance, assignments and evaluations corresponding to our academic course syllabus.
  • 5 hours of practice teaching planning. During the second week and onward, you will be in charge of designing lesson plans according to different teaching levels. Your instructor will guide you throughout the course and you will succeed in applying these lesson plans to your future teachings and also during your teaching practices.
  • 10 hours of academic class observations in different educational contexts. During weeks 1 or 2 you will have the opportunity to observe experienced language teachers at different learning contexts, either at ÍBERO School or elsewhere at other English language institutes. This also provides the chance to experience a future potential workplace.
  • 10 hours of teaching practices. You will have the opportunity to improve your teachings from the beginning given the fact that you will be exposed to different learning contexts to ensure that you get the most out of this rewarding educational experience. We are the only TEFL school in Buenos Aires offering our trainees this amount of teaching practices. Because as we are experienced in the language school market, we like to get continuous feedback from our former trainees who consider the teaching practice sessions the most important part of the course because they are exposed to real world situations.

Teaching practice sessions

Students will be given ten hours of in-classroom practice with real English students. This will enable students to teach real students and gain in-class experience and also receive feedback from students and teachers. It is expected that our trainees during the teaching practice could demonstrate:

  • Good potential
  • Good awareness of the levels of their students
  • Devise a variety of activities to match the interests of their students and techniques to convey meaning
  • Good classroom management
  • An awareness of the need for thorough lesson planning
  • At least some error correction

Materials Project

Students must create some sets of materials that can be used during Teaching Practice or English lessons in the future. The materials may include visuals, audio, games, video, cue cards, or class handouts. Students must prepare these materials and demonstrate them to their professors in order to receive feedback and if they choose, use them during teaching practice.

Foreign Language Experience Journal (observation journal)

This is a daily record of notes, comments, reviews, critiques, observation, and personal feelings during the TEFL program. The journal should include the following:

  • Daily thoughts on teachings
  • Comparing/contrasting the learning process with the teaching process
  • Noting observations of teaching techniques, materials used and classroom management
  • A 200 word conclusion on what was learned and how to use it in future teachings

Profile of an individual English student

This profile allows students/trainees to experience what it is like to learn a foreign/second language and enables them to reflect this experience directly into their own teaching. Trainees observe a student learning English in order to learn how to find student needs, create course objectives and to develop a lesson plan. This profile must include the following:

  • A clear profile of the student and their English level
  • Analyze the students learning needs in the future
  • Analyze the students short-term needs and create a two week lesson plan

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