Free Job placement

Free Job placement in Buenos Aires

The Job Placement that we offer, either in part-time or full time English Teaching Jobs is free ONLY for our TEFL graduates.

Job placement after the TEFL course is free of charge for our TEFL graduates only. We network with language schools, agencies and professional organizations and our more than a decade in the language travel market in Buenos Aires allows us to perform successful English teaching jobs placements for our TEFL graduates.

Íbero TEFL Buenos Aires guarantees paid TEFL job placement in Argentina for all trainees who successfully complete our course and can stay in Buenos Aires for at least 6 months, ideally one year.

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Free Job Placement FAQs

  • From my research I’ve seen that Argentina typically has 2 hiring periods for teachers throughout the year; if I were to come in July/August, would I have a good chance of being hired?

The chances of being hired are great! Once you start with our TEFL course you will get observations and real practice sessions with real students plus you will work right after the TEFL.

  • I just want to clarify that food is not included in the home stay option and if this is the case, will I have access to my home stay family’s kitchen in order to prepare my own food?

Food is not included and yes, you will have the opportunity to prepare your own food at the shared apartment or homestay. This will allow you to save lots of money instead of eating out all the time. Whenever you come to the  TEFL course here at the school, you can bring the food from home and Benjamin, the Coordinator, can put it in the school fridge for teachers. You will be at the school 5 hours per day, Monday through Friday.

  • Do you find that one needs to speak intermediate Spanish in order to do the home stay option?

No, but of course you can improve your Spanish skills if you live with an Argentinian family. Knowing Spanish is important in order to further communicate with your Spanish students from Argentina.

  • How quickly do those who complete the program generally find work after the program has commenced?

All the trainees receive immediate help in terms of job placement. It takes me 3 or 4 business days in gathering all the information regarding teaching practices, feedback from students and in writing the recommendation letter. After this, you will get contacted from employers in order to coordinate a job interview.

  • What housing options are the most popular among students in the program?

Either a shared apartment or homestay. The minimum is 28 days but most students feel more comfortable in reserving for the first 8 or 12 weeks, given the fact that looking for an apartment is very stressful at the end of the course because the course is very intensive and there are teaching practices and assignments to do.

  • Would I be able to extend on a day-to-day basis until I found an apartment or is this not an option?

It is not an option and we require the reservation upfront for the chosen number of weeks because all of our housing options get booked up very quickly either by other students joining our program or by study abroad students.

  • How easy is it to find living accommodations in Buenos Aires once I have found a teaching position (I am looking to live with a Spanish speaker after I complete the program)? Finally, if I am planning on buying an open-ended ticket, will this effect entry into the country?

I do not know for sure but most of our students have found apartments through the airbnb or compartodepto websites. About the ticket, we do not handle that information but we are sure that you will be able to ask your embassy about it.