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Work in Buenos Aires for one year

Work in Buenos Aires for one year: ÍBERO TEFL is a modern TEFL Training School located in downtown Buenos Aires, with all attractions nearby. We provide the best TEFL teaching course in Buenos Aires by offering a professional and friendly class atmosphere.

The objective of the TEFL course at Íbero is to prepare the TEFL trainee as well as possible to begin teaching courses immediately upon graduation. First, methodology is covered so that the student will be familiar with prevailing thoughts and techniques in teaching languages, as well as consider what works best and how they might structure their classes. Secondly, an in-depth grammar review is conducted to refresh the student on the various topics they will need to be able to teach their students. Finally, the course focuses on observations, practice teachings, and lesson planning to give the student real life insight and practice with teaching in order to be better prepared once he/she begins to instruct his/her own courses. At the end of the course, the trainee will know how they should structure a class, how to plan for a class and how to efficiently instruct the numerous themes in the English language to a variety of language levels and backgrounds.


I have worked as an English Teacher in Buenos Aires all of 2016. I was very impressed with Íbero. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. There are coffee and tea, biscuits, etc. I learned a lot about different teaching methods and a lot about grammar.  Florencia was a fantastic TEFL Instructor and helped us through the last two weeks. She was helpful and had lots of experience. The teaching practices were also very helpful to teach the different levels so I know the abilities of different students. Aaron Caulton, New Zealand

 Work in Buenos Aires for one year

TEFL trainees should also understand that during classroom observations and practice teaching sessions that they represent our school and TEFL program, and as such should behave responsibly and professionally. Trainees are also expected to represent the school favorably in their communication with local language institutes by responding to all contacts promptly and professionally. This includes informing institutes that have contacted the trainee when he/she is not interested in the classes they have to offer.

We can guarantee a job for you for one or two years in Buenos Aires. You would need to be committed to the job and have lots of productive energy and we will make sure you will always have an ESL job in Buenos Aires.

Íbero network s with language schools, agencies and professional organizations and our more than a decade in the language travel market in Buenos Aires allows us to perform successful teaching jobs placements for our TEFL graduates.

Íbero guarantees paid TEFL job placement in Argentina for all trainees who successfully complete our course and can stay in Buenos Aires for at least 6 months, ideally one year.

Work in Buenos Aires for one year, TEFL Teacher

Throughout the TEFL course there are four examinations. Each week of the course covers a different theme and is summed up on Fridays with a test covering all of the week´s material. These tests will consist of a review of the week´s material, as well as questions that challenge the student to apply what they have learned to the field of secondary language education. The goal of the exams is not only to gauge the student´s absorption of class materials, but also to challenge them and give them the opportunity to critically think about how to apply course concepts in real life situations.

We offer our Trainees:

  • 120 hour- course, International TEFL Diploma, externally moderated by educational organizations in the UK. Training and input according to the academic standards proposed by TEFL specialists from the University of Cambridge ESOL Awards
  • Our own material, course syllabus and coursebook
  • 10 hours of classroom observation
  • 10 hours of teaching practice
  • Continuous assessment throughout the course & academic assignments to track progress
  • Guaranteed job positions for our TEFL graduates (minimum stay 6 months)
  • 4 weekly tests. These tests will measure your progress and help you achieve your goals. Your instructor will guide you and correct tests every Friday during the course.
  • Access to professional development and ELT seminars: You will have the chance to assist conferences, workshops and special courses for English teachers at no cost or at a discounted rate.
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  • ESL job in Buenos Aires
  • Guaranteed job positions
  • International TEFL Diploma
  • paid TEFL job placement
  • teaching practice
  • TEFL graduates
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