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4 week TEFL Course in Buenos Aires

4 week TEFL Course in Argentina

4 week TEFL Course in Buenos Aires: ESL stands for English as a second language. ESL certified teachers teach English to speakers of foreign languages living in a native-English speaking country. That is the main difference between an ESL certification and an ESL certification. Whereas, TEFL is best for teachers planning to relocate temporarily or permanently abroad, ESL teacher positions are suitable for those looking to expand their careers within their current home country, not for those that wish to be a foreign English teacher. Therefore, ESL jobs and ESL opportunities are more abundant in English speaking countries.

The last certification we will look at is TESOL, and has not been around as long as the ESL English program or the certified TEFL courses. A TESOL certification course combines both and provides the base for teachers to teach in both non-native English countries and within English speaking countries. Since TESOL is a newer certification, it can be less highly regarded than a TEFL, as overseas curricula tend to favour TEFL qualified candidates. Some schools and organizations may also not recognize a TESOL certification as a valid ESL teaching certificate.

4 week TEFL Course in Buenos Aires

4 week TEFL Course in Buenos Aires:  Getting started in TEFL teacher training can be daunting when it comes to choosing the right course. One of the first questions prospective English teachers who want to teach English as a foreign language ask is, “how to get a TEFL certification?”. There are many options out there including; teaching English as a foreign language certification online, a TEFL weekend course, a TESOL master course, TEFL Asia or a Global TESOL course. These are all different types of teaching certifications, which can make the decision process quite tedious.

The 4 WEEK Íbero TEFL course prepares instructors with all of these components, as well as the following; a 120-hour total training course, 100 academic hours, input classes, 10 classroom observations, 10 teaching practice sessions with real English as a foreign language students. Furthermore, we offer up guaranteed paid employment if you stay in Buenos Aires for up to 6 months or more. Hopefully, our guide to TEFL certifications has cleared up some of your questions and steered you in the right direction to choose the perfect school for you.

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