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Requirements to teach English in Argentina

Teaching Abroad Program in Argentina

Requirements to teach English in Argentina: Studying a TEFL Certification course in Buenos Aires will always be beneficial. Some institutes consider it an initial and essential qualification to teach English. English teachers in Buenos Aires are unlikely to lack for work. The cultural, political, and economic entities of Buenos Aires are very serious about the city’s status as a cultural and economic capital of South America, and there are constant, ongoing efforts in place to maintain a favorable environment in Buenos Aires for international and transatlantic business and communication.  A 4 week TEFL Course in Buenos Aires will open many doors. As such, most medium-to-large companies are always on the lookout for English instructors for their employees, and there are no shortage of agencies who make their profits pairing English instructors with clients. While the initial entry into the job market can be bumpy, or at least discombobulating – the process of job interview and placement can take more time than teachers are used to – the job placement services offered through recommended TEFL Certification programs in Buenos Aires strive to make the process of finding work as quick and straightforward as possible for graduates, and English teachers (ESL Teachers) are usually able to maintain a comfortable standard of living in Buenos Aires.

Requirements to teach English in Argentina

English teachers who come to Buenos Aires from North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand often marvel at how well they can live for relatively little money. Food, housing, and transportation costs are much lower in Buenos Aires than they are in other major cities of the world, and Buenos Aires offers a vibrant tableau of theater, art, music, and other cultural activities, usually free or at a very affordable cost.

Requirements to teach English in Argentina

  • Education: BA/BS not required but preferred; TEFL TESOL course certificate is required
  • Teaching English in Argentina Peak hiring months: February–March; July–August, October.
  • Academic Year: The academic year begins in February or early March and lasts until December. The best time to look for work is a few weeks before the end of the summer holidays. However, many institutes run 8- to 12-week courses year round and will hire a native speaker whatever the time of year.
  • Types of English Teaching jobs: Language schools, companies in Buenos Aires
  • Typical hiring process: CV/resumé and interview in person in Argentina
  • Average teaching hours per week: 20–25 hours of classroom
  • Types of students: business professionals
  • Cost of living per month in Buenos Aires: 800 – 1,000 USD
  • Average monthly pay: 800 – 1,000 USD



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  • Accredited TEFL Certification in Buenos Aires
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  • Requirements to teach English in Argentina
  • TESL means Teaching English as a Second Language
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