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Cost of living in Buenos Aires is 40.33% lower than in New York. As of 2016, it is estimated that just under 2.9 million people are living in Buenos Aires itself. As such, the city suffers from neither rapid demographic growth nor overpopulation.

The Gran Buenos Aires region is turning into one enormous conurbation as more and more people move to Buenos Aires and its surrounding towns, and today more than 13 million people live there.

Cost of living in Buenos Aires

In Buenos Aires City’s 48 neighborhoods, you’ll find an interesting demographic mix of ethnicities and nationalities. A small number of porteños are mestizos (“mixed-raced” descendants of Amerindians and European colonists) or Afro-Argentines. Most Buenos Aires natives, however, trace their ancestry back to the immigration waves from Europe, East Asia, the Middle East, or other Latin American nations.

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Difficulty adjusting to the various cultural norms and expectations can cause various degrees of homesickness, as well as difficulty sleeping and other minor afflictions, such as the cost of living in Buenos Aires, which changes a lot all the time. Compiling with the initial difficulty of teaching, this could drastically affect the teacher’s life. This difficulty not only reflects daily life, but the expectation students have for teachers, adding to the challenges of the profession. The challenges of a rewarding profession are numerous. Teaching itself comes with a host of challenges, and teaching in a foreign land far away comes with its own challenges. Those challenges can seem daunting at first, but not without reason. In order for a profession to be rewarding, the challenges must be there, or it will be difficult to experience the reward that comes with overcoming them, says Andrew a TEFL Teacher.

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