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Jobs in Buenos Aires for English speakers: Earning your TEFL certification will help you with the job search, better salary options, and help make you a more prepared teacher — especially if you’ve never taught before. One of the first questions normally worldwide travelers will ask is “How hard is it to find work in Buenos Aires?” The answer is simple. It is quite easy to find work in Buenos Aires if your native language is English. The hard part is finding a well-paid job. You run into the common problem of “an employer will not hire you unless you have a visa, and you can´t get a visa if you don´t have an employer.” This is not always the case, but for most people, this is what you´ll run into.

Teaching  English (ESL) in Buenos Aires – Jobs in Buenos Aires for English speakers

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. TEFL courses are preparing you for the teaching field. It is not enough to be a native English speaker in order to become an English teacher in Buenos Aires, even though having a native-like level of English is a must. A great TEFL course  here at Íbero TEFL will give you all the insights of this profession so that you can make your first steps in it with confidence, skills and knowledge. Then only experience and practice will make of you a great English teacher in Buenos Aires!

Jobs in Buenos Aires for English speakers:  The Íbero TEFL course here in wonderful Buenos Aires is an intensive training course created from and incorporating the expertise of many years of successful English language training of thousands of students. It will provide you with  the skills needed to teach engaging ESL classes in Argentina and all around the world. We guarantee in-depth training based on a vision of applied linguistics, which we have developed from shared teaching English experiences.


By far the most common job for foreigners, native English speakers, taking a TEFL certification course and then staying for a while in Buenos Aires to teach. The good news is, there is a HUGE demand for ESL teachers. Most ESL jobs are private or small group lessons teaching professionals, and require you to go to different offices to teach your students.

Jobs in Buenos Aires for English speakers – What is required to teach ESL in Buenos Aires?

Truthfully, the only 100% requirement you need to teach English in Buenos Aires is to be a native English speaker. However, it will be much more convenient to hold a TEFL certificate. A University degree, TEFL certificate, and experience will make your life much easier, and will greatly expand the quantity of companies that would hire you.

Can you take a TEFL course in Buenos Aires?

Yes, Actually taking a TEFL course here in Buenos Aires will open up your career perspectives because you will become TEFL certified and you will also learn Spanish at the same time .

Jobs in Buenos Aires for English speakers – Do you need a Work Visa to teach English in Buenos Aires?

No. It is well understood by most ESL schools and institutions that when they hire ESL teachers, they will not have a Visa. Of course, you should confirm that this will not be a problem when you are being interviewed.

Jobs in Buenos Aires for English speakers  – What is the expected salary for an ESL teacher in Buenos Aires?

The rate right now is around $80– $130 pesos an hour. This does not usually include preparation time or travel time, and you will often spend a fair amount of time doing both. There are a handful of schools that pay significantly less, but you teach all your classes at an institution, where you are also paid for preparing your English classes.

Jobs in Buenos Aires for English speakers – Do you need your own materials?

This really depends on who you are working for. If you are teaching private students, you will need to take care of all the materials but working for an institute will simplify this and they will help you with your materials or provide new materials.

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