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Teach English Abroad with Confidence, get TEFL certified with Íbero TEFL Buenos Aires

Getting TEFL certified is awesome because Teaching English abroad is a great job. ESL or English as a Second Language Teaching positions are rewarding. It pays well. And it’s an ideal way to explore new destinations of the world and truly experience a different culture.

By getting Íbero TEFL certified to teach English as a second or foreign language, you’ll have an advantage over other applicants. When you’re Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)-certified, most school administrators see that you’re not just another traveler seeking a path to new places. You are someone who has taken methodology classes and trained to do the job right. And that makes a difference anywhere in the world.

With Íbero TEFL´s internationally recognized TEFL Certification Course in Buenos Aires, you will:

  • Complete an innovative methodology course developed by TEFL professionals, academic peers, University level professors, Cambridge specialists, and accredited by the Fort Hays University in USA
  • Engage in interactive ESL learning as well as take Spanish immersion classes with classmates and tutors
  • Become prepared to work in another culture – a skill highly valued in today’s job market
  • Benefit from our job placement
  • If you are a highly motivated individual, the sky is the limit
  • Íbero TEFL is a leading TEFL Certification school in the Argentina and we offer monthly intensive English teacher training certificate programs and courses
  • Start teaching English as a Foreign Language by earning TEFL certification with Íbero TEFL. Learn how to teach English confidently, effectively and get the most prestigious International TEFL Certificate! Highly experienced and supportive team of tutors here in Buenos Aires ready to help you out during the process of the course.

I found out about the Íbero TEFL course in Buenos Aires through a friend who did a similar course in Thailand. The school is great, staff very nice, good facilities. I enjoyed the course and thought it was very helpful I liked that class observations and teaching practices were included. Our professor was great; she made lessons entertaining even though they were five hours long. The observations were great; it was good to observe before first teaching practice to have an idea of how English classes worked. Observing a variety of levels and different teachers was helpful. Teaching practices were useful in order to understand how activities work out best and to adapt to different English levels and students as well as to improve teaching planning skills. Claire Alexander, UK

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  • TESL means Teaching English as a Second Language
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