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How to Teach English Overseas

If you wonder how to Teach English Overseas, The TEFL Certification course will first focus on about teaching specifically in Latin America, and the culture shock that can happen. The different countries that comprise Latin America are briefly described in order to give the reader a feel for the region, so they have some idea what they are getting into if they decide to apply for jobs there and successfully know how to teach English Overseas. The section of the Íbero TEFL textbook for each country is generally broken down into three parts, with the exception of Argentina which has more than that, likely because the course we are taking is in Argentina. The sections for the other nations are as follows: First, if you wonder how to teach English overseas the demand for teachers and the peak time to find jobs, the necessary qualifications, and the different opportunities that are available. Then, the compensation that you will find for such work, which is listed with any stipulations that come with working there, including the need for visas and the like. Finally, living standards are listed. In that section, the text details the cost of living in the country, and how much extra money one would have to spend after paying for an apartment and food.

There is a part of the TEFL class following the one about the various Latin American nations that go over culture shock in more detail. It lists the general symptoms of culture shock, and then some ways to help deal with it.

The next TEFL class deals with resumé/CV and cover letter preparation. This gives a brief overview of what exactly a resumé for this sort of job should have, and how to write a cover letter for the job as well. The following class speaks about interview guidelines, giving tips on how to dress, what to bring, and other tips to help with interviews. Included in this section as well is a sample cover letter and CV/resume, which could serve as a guide to help the read craft their own in the near future as they complete the course.

The final section of the TEFL course is about teaching in Argentina in particular. It talks about finding a job in Buenos Aires, as well as teaching private lessons in the country. There are different methods and things that you can do if you want to teach at an institute versus giving private lessons and being your own boss, and the end of the chapter gives an outline of what exactly needs to be done to begin your search.

Each TEFL trainee candidate will receive his/her own course textbook. All of our materials are original, and have been constructed and edited throughout our more than a decade long history as a school to instruct people how to teach English Overseas. All of our course materials are included in the cost of the course. Each original Íbero textbook is the sole property of the individual who purchased the book, and this material is to be used only for the academic course for which it was created. The TEFL textbook is personal and non-transferable, just like Íbero´s classes, and it is prohibited to lend, gift or photocopy the Íbero textbook.

I found this program to be exactly what I was hoping it would be. After completing my course with Íbero TEFL I felt prepared to take on jobs with and had lots of help and support finding work even when it didn’t seem like there was much to be found! The program is intense but I think it’s a great immersion to get started in the world of TEFL. I definitely recommend Íbero as the best TEFL academy in Buenos Aires! Cristina Mace, USA.

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