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Get Paid to Teach English Abroad

Get Paid to Teach English Abroad: Our TEFL students once graduated as English Language Teachers in Buenos Aires, Argentina are hired at corporates, language schools and private classes with teenagers, kids and adults. As English is almost becoming indispensable for foreign trade and commerce and for tourism industry, the demands of English teachers in Buenos Aires are quite high. Graduates in our program know that they will get paid to Teach English Abroad in the corporate sectors are paid better salary in comparison to teachers in the schools.

Get Paid to Teach English Abroad

English Teaching, whilst an incredibly rewarding and for-filling profession, comes many day-to-day challenges, particularly when working with specific demographics and in different contexts. Although we have found preparation and understanding of the content particularly straight forward, the challenge as a trained professional for getting paid to teach English abroad is changing the way TEFL Teachers teach to cater to the target audience. Ultimately, our TEFL Teachers teaching style has been challenged and they are developing new skills and an awareness during their English teaching practice in order to get paid to teach English abroad once graduated. The aspects we find most challenging to get paid to teach English Abroad thus far, has been the language barrier faced, particularly with students who were at a beginner level of English. Although, TEFL Teachers have experienced this with teaching children with little or no English experience, teaching adults is a new experience. Our TEFL Teacher´s experience in Argentina thus far, has motivated our TEFL trainees work towards developing their Spanish language.

This school has been a very nice experience. Buenos Aires is an exotic, great city to live in, you just have to get used to and be careful as it is a huge capital city. Very friendly, affordable and great school. Thanks a lot.  Dave Steel, USA



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