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Certification to Teach English

When you think about a certification to Teach English, you will have to take some factors into account when choosing the best certification to Teach English as a Second Language. At Íbero TEFL Buenos Aires, we provide high quality TEFL training and certification for trainees who want to work as teachers of English either in Buenos Aires, the rest of Argentina or abroad. Our four-week Certification to Teach English as a Second Language or TEFL course in Buenos Aires is externally moderated by one of the most prestigious TEFL certification bodies in the world which is TEFL International, accredited through Fort Hays State University.

Certification to Teach English as a Second Language

What about Motivation? Motivation in the English classroom and motivating students is an important part of being a TEFL teacher. Intrinsic motivation being the reason that someone does something that is their own. For example, they want to learn English because they want to communicate with more people in the world. Extrinsic motivation is the opposite, where someone is influence to learn something from an outside source. For example, a student is given candy to come to class and do work. When it comes to English instruction there are varying levels that must have lessons of varying difficulty so that they can improve and get better. In general, there are beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. Each level has to be approached different, and there are different levels within the fairly broad categories of beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

At our Íbero TEFL Certification Program in Buenos Aires, we know we are the best Certification to Teach English as a Second Language we are a select, professional school run by highly experienced, academically distinguished Argentinian Directors and qualified ESL and TEFL trainers. We combine the personal attention of a small TEFL course with the facilities, support and insider knowledge of one of the most established and respected language schools in Argentina. We are able to provide guaranteed English Teaching jobs both in Argentina and all over the world.

Certification to Teach English

With European sophistication and stunning natural wonders, Argentina is in a class all its own. From the cobbled streets of Buenos Aires to the jagged glacial peaks of Patagonia, Argentina appeals to a diverse group. It is no wonder that many expats flock here to begin their TEFL courses. Argentina has multiple options for courses, as well as many schools to choose from. At Íbero TEFL we put our students first and can work around your schedule to help you discover the course that is best for you. We offer the best prices in Buenos Aires. With 17 years of experience in the language school market in Argentina, we can offer competitive rates and students receive an excellent education. We offer best quality of TEFL instruction in Latin America in small group classes. We provide a TEFL course book (published ,344 pages), which is for free with your TEFL course.

Some reasons to choose our Certification to Teach English as a second or foreign language course

  • US accredited TEFL Teacher Certification course, become an English Teacher in just 4 weeks and start working right after (International Diploma)
  • Complete package including airport pick up, Spanish classes and housing (minimum 4 weeks)
  • Spanish +TEFL combination course
  • Get ESL jobs at renowned Buenos Aires companies
  • Paid English jobs for our TEFL Graduates
  • University credit
  • Accommodation in shared apartments and homestays in downtown Buenos Aires and safe neighborhoods

I´ve had a great time at Íbero TEFL. My professor was always well prepared, with a creative lesson plan and very practical hand outs. I think the program is fantastic. It has nothing to be improved. It is both affordable and professional. I´ve had four English Teaching Job interviews so far and I plan to stay in Buenos Aires for a year so everything has been great. Thank you for all your help. Edward Lee, USA