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How to get a graduate job in South America: If you wonder how to get a graduate job in South America, then our TEFL course in Buenos Aires is the best option for you. Our Teaching as a Foreign Language Abroad instructors have been trained to teach this course, which is externally moderated in order to offer the best education possible. They are capable of showing how to teach an effective English class to all levels of fluency and can linguistically aim the objective of the lesson to better teach it to all ages and backgrounds.

There is a TEFL guide and coursebook written by the Director of the program as well as two methodology TEFL exams during the course. How to get a graduate job in South America? By taking a TEFL course in Argentina with us and getting free job placement after the course. This along with your observation classes and teaching practice sessions gather an academic student unit. The training center is located in Palermo, the best neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Our building is super comfortable with climate controlled classrooms and everything prepared for you to have a great time here while you study. All our program students and graduates receive hands-on job placement assistance from our local staff in Buenos Aires in addition to lifetime, worldwide job search guidance. Classes are capped at 15 students but the average class is 8-10 students; Internet access is available at the school facilities, which also includes many different classrooms. Our program is recognized by multiple organisms in the TEFL field and via our course you can also apply for University credits through Fort Hays University in USA . As in any other renowned Teaching English as a Foreign Language Abroad program, we also offer professional instruction in Spanish.

How to get a graduate job in South America

These intensive Spanish courses are important in order to be able to understand your Spanish speaking students as well as your future employers in Argentina or in the rest of Latin America. It is recommended to study for at least 3 weeks before or after the TEFL course. Our Academic Director will guide you through this learning process. Becoming TEFL certified through our Teaching as a Foreign Language Abroad means having the opportunity to live, travel, and teach around the world. You will be able to develop your teaching skills and also gain valuable experience and knowledge while experiencing new cultures. Teaching English as a Foreign Language abroad is a great way to travel, see the world, and gain great professional experience for your resume. A chance to see the world and experience a different culture is an extremely rewarding and unique adventure. There are various benefits that you will gain while teaching. Not only will you grow as a person, but you will learn so much about yourself in the process. If you wonder how to get a graduate job in South America, then TEFL and therefore Teaching English abroad combine all the fun of travelling, while people gain real world experience that will without a doubt help you in your future endeavors.

Many people long to go beyond the routine of their daily lives, to get out and see the world. Teaching English as a Foreign Language abroad is one of the few professions that allows you to do that while maintaining a stable, fulfilling job. A position instructing in another country offers you the opportunity to travel to a land that people pay thousands of dollars to visit for only a few days on vacation. Instead, English language teachers working abroad resettle overseas for six months to a year or more, an arrangement that allows them to fully explore their host-country and the neighboring nations.

How to get a graduate job in South America – Argentina

Why get TEFL certified in the first place? Taking a TEFL course is the first step in order to get a graduate job in South America. First off, TEFL certification provides flexibility for you to travel anywhere in the world and teach.  Being a certified teacher of English as a second language will allow you to Teach English internationally and will make an impact when applying for jobs.  Taking a TEFL course in Buenos Aires, Argentina will prepare you to have success wherever you decide to travel to teach English internationally, especially if you go to a Spanish speaking country.  There is no limit to the new cultures and places you can discover with a TEFL certificate.  Your students won’t be the only ones learning; you too will grow your awareness of grammar structure and find that teaching a second language makes you more receptive to learning a second language yourself! Especially if Spanish is not your native language, taking your TEFL course in Buenos Aires will help you understand how one learns a second language, ultimately making you a better teacher.

We have taken in consideration what worldwide employers look for in a Teacher in order to Teach English internationally and to get a graduate job in South America therefore the Íbero TEFL certification course in Buenos Aires offers a 4-week in-house course, 120-hour total training with all the necessary theory and practice in order to become an effective English teacher. It is of supreme importance that all participants can show a real commitment to the course as it is short but intense and that they can also show a high level of motivation. These are key facts in order to be able to get a full-time job as an English Teacher to teach English internationally. Teachers wanting to teach fewer hours to learn in Spanish in the beginning can opt to do so as well.

In order to to get a graduate job in South America you should first take our TEFL course and our examinations. Each week of the course covers a different theme and is summed up on Fridays with a test covering all of the week´s material. These tests will consist of a review of the week´s material, as well as questions that challenge the student to apply what they have learned to the field of secondary language education. There is no final exam covering the entire course´s material, only the four weekly exams.

The TEFL course to teach English internationally covers a wide range of topics related to teaching English as a second language. These includes an overview of teaching English, teaching methods, motivation techniques, phonetics and phonology, classroom management, teaching grammar, lesson planning, teaching the four basic language skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening), how to use games and songs, how to create materials, assignments in the classroom, and professional development. The TEFL TESOL course also includes real life classroom observations and teaching practice sessions.

How to get a graduate job in South America? Unlike studying abroad for a semester, which probably cost you and/or your parents a good deal of money, when you teach English abroad you may actually get paid to live in a foreign country like Brazil, Argentina, or Spain.  How cool is that?

I found the Íbero TEFL course through goabroad website, it was the highest rated course. I liked the location of the school, Carolina, our Trainer is super good and knowledgeable. The building is comfortable and everyone who works here is helpful and kind. When I started, I was completely unprepared to teach anything but now I am more confident as a teacher. Our TEFL Trainer Carolina is excellent. I learnt so much from her! She is really knowledgeable and educated about the subject. She worked really well with our group. The observations were a really precursor to planning my own lessons. After the teaching practice sessions, I feel so much more prepared. The sequence of observations to lesson planning and the teaching was ideal. I really enjoyed my time here and learnt so much, Carolina is a wonderful Trainer and I now feel very prepared to teach English. Amber Grovet, USA

rachel-TEFL-2017After hours of research online, I found the website. Although I already have teaching experience with children, this TEFL course has helped me develop skills/tools to teach adults, including teaching methods, lesson ideas, and how to prepare for the different levels. I liked that elements of the English language which were compared and contrasted with Spanish. Our TEFL Trainer Carolina was very knowledgeable, approachable and made classes interesting and enjoyable. Carolina was able to offer great insight into her own experiences and made us feel comfortable to share our thoughts/opinions, challenged and inspired us and adapted the class with different teaching strategies. The observations were helpful in going the teaching styles/routines of the different institutions and seeing the range of teaching opportunities. I thoroughly enjoyed my teaching experiences in teaching beginners, intermediate and advanced as well as children. I found the groups incredibly useful in putting my skills and knowledge in practice. I have enjoyed my last month here in Buenos Aires in the TEFL course. I look forward to putting it into practice and hopefully learn more Spanish at the same time! Rachel Bayliss, Australia.

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