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Employment opportunities in Argentina, Latin America, Buenos Aires and Capital Federal are huge for native English speakers. Through a TEFL course, if you are a native English speaker or non-native English speaker with a good command of the English language, you can be eligible for employment opportunities in Argentina, in Latin America, in Buenos Aires, in Capital Federal.

TEFL means Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language. Teaching English as a Second Language Abroad outlines the importance of motivation, and why it is a necessary component in a classroom. Essentially, without motivation, students will be less engaged and less likely to learn and retain the information being given to them. For that reason, it is imperative that students be motivated so they can perform at the best of their abilities.

Employment opportunities in Argentina

Why is motivation important when teaching English as a Second Language Abroad? Motivation in the English classroom and motivating students is an important part of being a TEFL teacher. After introducing the topic, the TEFL class goes into intrinsic, and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation being the reason that someone does something that is their own. For example, they want to learn English because they want to communicate with more people in the world. Extrinsic motivation is the opposite, where someone is influence to learn something from an outside source. For example, a student is given candy to come to class and do work. The TEFL course gives a brief outline of how to motivate your students in general, giving general tips about how to motivate students.

The next part of the TEFL course delves into multiple intelligence theory, which is about how people learn differently depending on who they are. For example, some people learn better with numbers, others with words, others with pictures, etc. The text covers the different intelligences. Verbal linguistic, or those good with language and communication. Visual, those who need to see to learn better. Body/kinesthetic, or those who enjoy moving and such movement helps them remember and learn. Following that is the interpersonal, who does well working with others to complete a task versus working alone. The logical/mathematical, who do best when they are able to use critical thinking in their learning. After that is the musical learners, who do best when taught with some sort of rhythm or melody is put with their work. The environmental, who is in touch with nature, and finally the intrapersonal who learns through self-knowledge.

Employment opportunities in Argentina,  Latin America

By taking the TEFL course, our TEFL trainees can be eligible for employment opportunities in Argentina, in Latin America, in Buenos Aires, in Capital Federal. The Teaching English as a Second Language abroad class is about all the different intelligences, and how to introduce a subject in multiple ways to appeal to different learning styles. From there, the class goes into more detail about the two different types of motivation, and more detail on how the brain works and processes thing, in addition to how building rapport with students in order to create motivation in the classroom. The TEFL class also details how to use music in the classroom, and how certain selection for certain things can help students learn by associating that particular style of music with grammar, vocabulary, etc.

I’m so thankful for having the chance of being in Íbero TEFL school, to experience being in this great, great city which is Buenos Aires. Nothing to complain about the school. It’s welcoming, cozy… heartwarming. Staff is ideally amazing, and the course covers all the bases needed for a teacher to be complete in any aspect of teaching. Now I can apply for jobs or employment opportunities in Argentina, in Latin America, in Buenos Aires, in Capital Federal. I’d like to highlight the essential usefulness of the brochure the school provides you with as you go and, of course, our teacher Carolina who made possible the best achievements. Today I feel much improved on my skills to face any kind of class. Totally recommend the course, also for those who’ve already been teaching away. Fellipe Freire, Brazil

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