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The TEFL course helped me immensely with getting a job in B.A.
Without it, I am not sure I would have found so much work, at least not right away.
My instructor was excellent and extremely helpful in preparing us. I am grateful for my teacher and all the program has done.

Sara La Noir, New York City, USA.

I completed the TEFL at Íbero in early 2011 as well as a few weeks in their Spanish language school. The quality of teaching in both was excellent. All staff were friendly and helpful and the school has a real personal touch. TEFL's director put me in contact with many employers after I graduated so the school has been responsible for me being able to work so easily teaching English here in Buenos Aires. Highly recommended and thanks to Florencia and team for such a positive experience.
Michelle Barnes, UK.

The TEFL course at Ibero is amazing. The teacher Liz is the best teacher to ever teach before. I already am teaching at an institute and have no problems teaching non-English speakers due to my preparation in the class. If you are trying to get your TEFL certification and do not do it through Ibero with Liz you are crazy.
Daniel Kaufman, USA.

I really loved my time at Ibero; I really loved the school. I would definitely recommend the course to others. My TEFL instructor was AMAZING! She was enthusiastic, experienced and so prepared. She taught us so much and was so find and helpful. I think she was one of the best teachers I’ve had. The book and other materials were very helpful. My practice teaching sessions went well and I was glad that I could talk to my instructor and my classmates about my experienced while getting used to teaching.
Jaclyn Winkelman, USA

The teaching practices were very helpful, let me practice a lot of what I’d learnt and experience how to deal with difficult questions. The Ibero TEFL course has taught me a lot and given me a lot of great teaching ideas. Had a great 4 weeks, am sorry to be leaving.

Mieke Ryan, Ireland.

The course was very good. The building and facilities are really nice. All the people I met were really friendly and I definitely appreciated the coffee/Wi-Fi and air conditioning. I really liked my instructor and the course and will recommend it to others. Thank you.

Lily Meyer, UK

I definitely feel prepared to teach English and have the resources to be an effective teacher. My professor was very professional.  I really enjoyed working with her and it was nice to have someone who was so knowledgeable to work with. Teaching sessions were good with different levels of students.  I really appreciated the feedback we received from the Business English language school, it was really helpful.
Nikole James, USA.

I have really enjoyed my classes. They have been a very good mix of conversation and grammar and have been fun. I feel like I’ve made more progress than I expected in 2 weeks. Teachers are very good and professional better than other schools where I have studied in the past. The office were good at keeping in touch and organizing things quickly and went out of their way to make it possible for me to continue studying in my second week.
Elly Taylor, UK

I enjoyed my classes her at Ibero it was a great place to meet new people and practice Spanish. Overall it was fun.

Alice Hoe, Canada.

Gracias a IBERO por todo. En especial a la profesora Fernanda, que es una excelente persona y profesora.

Cleidiomar Dalmasio, Brazil

Overall a good experience highly qualified teachers, fine level of information concerning the classes and a good vibe at the school keep up the good work.

Leon Aahave Uhel, Denmark.

Íbero tiene profesores excelentes, tienes clases óptimas y estudie con nueve personas muy especiales y una profesora muy divertida.
Gracias por todo.

Pamila de Sousa Fieho, Brazil

I really like the atmosphere and the staff here.  They really know how to make students feel welcome and accepted in the school. I really enjoyed everything.  The building is nice with everything that is needed.  The staff is awesome of course! I liked the course a lot. I feel as if it challenged me but not to the point that things were impossible.  I do believe it will help me in the future. I thought that the text was very helpful and that it had a lot of good examples.  I would say that the sample lessons were the most helpful. I really like my professor and I´m sure that I will keep in touch with her after the class is over. It´s good to feel like you got your feet wet before being thrown in the deep end, and that´s what the practice teaching did for me. I would and have recommended this program.
Jason Collins, USA.

I couldn’t have wished for a better experience at Íbero. It was exactly what I wanted from a language school. I lived in BA for 3 weeks. In that time I met great people, both fellow students and the teachers and staff. I have gone from speaking absolutely no Spanish to being able to hold basic conversations, talk to locals and talk about my daily routine. My listening and understanding is much better too, as are my reading, writing and technical understanding of the language. Íbero also organized a wonderful home stay for myself and my girlfriend with a woman from BA, which has been fantastic. BA is a great city and I am sad to leave. If you want to live and learn in a great place, just can’t recommend the city and the school highly enough.
Stuart Duggan, UK

I loved my experience at Ibero, especially my teacher.
She made class very fun and interesting.
She is a great teacher.

Amy Allison, USA.

Íbero has been a fantastic experience for me – my teacher was fantastic – very patient, fun. I made many new friends here and won´t forget what I´ve learned! ¡Gracias por todo, Íbero!.

Bridget Kramer, Australia

I had a great time improving my Spanish. The teacher is very patient. She made us speak Spanish and explain each other things in Spanish, which helped me a lot. I made plans to travel through Argentina; otherwise I would extend my classes.

Leonie Boudestyn, Holland.

Me gustó mucho la escuela y Buenos Aires. Todos en la escuela son muy gentiles y amables. Si yo pudiese me quedaría más tiempo. Me gustó conocer gente de otros países y aprender un nuevo idioma. Buenos Aires, a pesar del frio, es muy hermosa.

Sarah Baudeira Thame, Brazil