Address: Paraguay 917 street 1st floor, Buenos Aires - (+54 9) 2241 1558 9352 - We're open Mon - Fri, 9:00 am - 17:00 pm


Íbero Accommodation

We work closely with Argentineans of all different ages, lifestyles and family dynamics, who rent room(s) in their house to our students. Not only do we handle the stress of finding a comfortable place for you to live but you also get the chance to live with locals and practice the Spanish you will be learning in class. All student housing rooms are singles (not shared) and fully furnished with shared bathroom, internet, and use of the common space of the house (living room, kitchen, balcony, etc.).

The Argentinean homes we work with are selected, visited and approved by our housing staff. These homes are in safe neighborhoods centrally located and in close vicinity of our school.  Airport pickup is available as well, so we can get you straight to your new home as soon as you arrive to Buenos Aires! Our housing program is not just about putting a roof over your head; it introduces and integrates you into the language and culture of Buenos Aires.

For this reason, the minimum home stay is one month. Once you register for student housing we will send you the profiles, photos and prices of the rooms that are available for the selected dates.

Please note that in order to register you must provide flight information details.

Benefits of Íbero Family Homestay

  • Assurance of high quality accommodation in safe neighborhoods.
  • Social interaction and Spanish conversation with local Argentines.
  • Daily meals provided, such as breakfast and dinner.
  • Experience Argentine culture from a local perspective.
  • Ease of transition and guidance into Buenos Aires life.

Benefits of Íbero Shared Apartment

  • Safe neighborhood.
  • Social interaction with other Íbero students. Option to have guests.
  • Full access to kitchen and grill, in order to cook your favorite meals.
  • Freedom and Independence to come and go as you choose.
  • Convenience of living in the most centrally located area of Buenos Aires.