Address: Piedras 115 street, Buenos Aires - (+54 9) 2241 1558 9352 - We're open Mon - Fri, 9:00 am - 17:00 pm

Our School

IBERO TEFL School in downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina

We are perfectly located in downtown Buenos Aires in an historic building.
Our location is ideal because we are in the heart of the city, at walking distance from many cultural and commercial attractions, all types of services are nearby.

Simply by coming to class you will be close to many famous sights and attractions like the Barrio San Telmo which hosts a traditional feria on the weekends, the Obelisk (the iconic architectural symbol of downtown) and the Casa Rosada (The Argentine equivalent of the White House).
We are blocks from some of the must visit attractions, Íbero makes an excellent launch point to explore the city.

With this exceptional location, students can easily stroll to major landmarks such as the Plaza de Mayo, Recoleta, Florida Street and other tourist attractions.


We are a spacious and comfortable school, with 24 classrooms. It is equipped with air conditioning during all summer and heating during the winter which creates a very nice atmosphere for all students. In our common room, we have PCs with broadband.
We also have WI-FI in the building, so students can use their laptops anytime and anywhere in the school.

All of our classrooms are equipped with audiovisual equipment, and coffee and tea in the welcome lobby. Therefore, students have a big and comfortable place to share with others.
We, as creators of a positive learning environment, believe that our students deserve to have spacious rooms to get to know each other, socialize and to always have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world.