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Job placement in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Benefits of our job placement system

  • Free placement service for all our Íbero TEFL graduates through our extensive global network of contacts and course alumni
  • Guaranteed paid English jobs in Buenos Aires, Argentina if you stay for at least 6 months and if you are responsible and good at teaching tasks during the course!.
  • Academic Sessions each week to prepare resumés/CVs for the job market as well as preparation of applications, interviews & other relevant needs for job procurement.
  • Free participation in seminars and congresses with highly experienced teacher trainers.
  • Íbero TEFL is one of the most commonly accepted and recognized TEFL Certificates in the world today because of our UK accredited program.

Guaranteed paid English jobs in Buenos Aires, Argentina if you stay for at least 6 months

We network with language schools, agencies and professional organizations and our more than a decade in the language travel market in Buenos Aires allows us to perform successful teaching jobs placements for our TEFL graduates.
Íbero guarantees paid TEFL job placement in Argentina for all trainees who successfully complete our course and can stay in Buenos Aires for at least 6 months, ideally one year.

For entry requirements, please click here. We would also like to invite you to review our TEFL graduates' comments regarding the results of our paid teaching jobs placement warranty.
If you would like to contact previous trainees to chat in private, we can provide you with graduates' e-mail addresses upon request.

Already CELTA or TEFL qualified? Looking for a paid English job in Buenos Aires?

  • 6 months/ 1 year guaranteed paid English teaching job in Buenos Aires (downtown, near all major attractions, good location).
  • Work certificate to be able to work in Buenos Aires plus entry examination*
  • Constant monitoring to make sure the teacher gets at least 15 hours per week of English classes
  • Materials and resources needed to plan for ESL classes as well as academic advice from our Academic Jobs Coordinator

* This work certificate is necessary to work with all our collaborating companies, schools and agencies in Argentina.
Without this certificate, paid jobs cannot be guaranteed.
The entry examination has to be taken upon arrival in Buenos Aires at Íbero; once it is approved by our staff the certificate is issued.