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ÍBERO TEFL Internship and Volunteer Programs
are available for students seeking several ways to enhance their skills, experience, and even improve future job prospects. These programs are designed to be half work experience and half cultural experience. Our school works with professional agencies to offer specialized internships. When you submit your inquiry with us, inquire about more information on the desired program (internship or volunteer program).

Professional internships can be arranged in many business sectors. For many students, gaining work experience in Buenos Aires is an excellent way of improving Spanish language skills in a challenging environment.

Many of our past students have used their Internship programs to meet their university requirements for their field of study, i.e. business. International Internships look wonderful on a resume or CV in light of the fact that much of today’s business is conducted on a global scale.

Spanish course+ Internships+ TEFL course

Spanish course highlights

  • Academic materials and assessment
  • No previous qualifications required
  • Highly qualified and experienced instructors
  • No hidden extra costs or application fee

Internship highlights

  • Internships provide an excellent opportunity to:
  • Gain a realistic perspective of the working world
  • Make informed career choices
  • Obtain marketable work experience
  • Make valuable contacts

TEFL highlights

  • Academic materials and assessment as well as an exclusive Íbero TEFL textbook
  • No previous qualifications required
  • Guaranteed English job positions for our graduates

Quick facts

  • The application process takes approximately three weeks. After this period you will receive a confirmation of your internship position.
  • Internships are unpaid.
  • After successful completion of the practical training period every participant receives a letter of recommendation.
  • Interns may receive university credit for their internships.
  • Work Schedule: Monday to Friday, 3-5 hours/day (approximately).
  • Spanish course: It is desirable to take at least 3-8 weeks of Spanish immersion classes if you are a Beginner in Spanish or at least 3 weeks (a level) if your level of Spanish is Intermediate already.


  • Business Administration
  • International Trade & Commerce
  • Sports
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Teaching
  • Medical


International Trade Internship, Buenos Aires

An International Trade internship provides the background into the process of international business development.
This includes market research in emerging markets, working on logistical planning, trade regulations, e-marketing and business expansion.
An internship within international trade will give you an overall valuable experience and exposure in global logistics and business.

Media Agency, Buenos Aires

This internship position is designed for students currently enrolled at a college or university who are interested in the media business.
Participation in this internship will drastically upgrade your resume and provide the opportunity to become fluent in Spanish.
Other duties might include marketing sales, marketing , PR, helping organizing show materials for producers, attending studio productions, accompanying staff and crew on shoots, maintaining video archives and assisting producers as assigned.

Online Marketing / SEO / Social Media

Our marketing Intern will work directly and indirectly with company owners to enhance effectiveness of online marketing strategies.
This position will provide an opportunity for an ambitious intern to develop their digital marketing skills and get real life experience in a fast growing company.


Volunteering positions

NGO Positions

  • Micro credit / Loan Assistant Volunteer
  • Micro credit NGO / Financial Analyst
  • Micro credit NGO / Executive Director's Assistant
  • Rehabilitation of Prisoners


  • Natural Reserve
  • Responsible & Fair trade Tourism

Volunteer with Children

  • Community Soup Kitchen
  • Children's Recreational Activities